How the Fire Damage Restoration Process Works

**How the Fire Damage Restoration Process Works**

Prime Disaster Pro understands that the process of fire damage restoration is a difficult undertaking. A home fire is one of the most traumatizing events that can happen to a homeowner. Even when the fire is confined to a small area of the home, the entire home is usually affected. Smoke and soot spread rapidly throughout the house, causing damage everywhere.

Once the fire is out, you, the homeowner, need to take action quickly. Not only did the fire cause damage, but the water used to extinguish the fire is also adding to the damage. Your first step towards recovery is to contact our emergency fire restoration team at [800-905-0277](tel:8009050277) so that we can come out and secure your property. We will board up the home and add tarps to the roof if necessary, to limit access through broken doors or windows and prevent further damage from the elements.

**Timeline Of Damage**
Let’s delve into the timeline of damage to underscore why prompt action is vital:

1. **Damage During The First Few Minutes:**
Immediate soot residue after a fire causes discoloration among plastics, appliances, and all porous materials like marble countertops or tiles.

2. **Damage During The First Few Hours:**
Simple discolorations start to turn into deeper stains affecting bathroom grout, countertops, appliance finishes, and furniture finishes, among others.

3. **Damage During The First Few Days:**
Discolorations and stains on walls, appliances, etc., become permanent. The finishes on furniture and floors become so damaged that they must either undergo complete restoration or be replaced altogether.

4. **Damage Afterward:**
The costs of fire damage restoration continue to escalate dramatically as more structural household components and personal items are damaged by the smoke and soot.

**You cannot wait! Restoration must start the very same day that the fire is put out.** You will need the assistance of a certified fire restoration company like Prime Disaster Pro.

**Professional Restoration**
To fully restore your home and personal belongings, you will need the services of a professional restoration company. Here’s a simplified outline of how things should proceed:

1. **Board Up, Tarp-Over:**
Our emergency fire restoration team will respond to your call immediately and proceed to board up any broken doors and windows. This will limit access and help prevent vandalism.

2. **Inspection:**
Our team will closely inspect your entire home and pinpoint every single trace of fire damage. They will then provide you with an estimate of the anticipated costs of the required cleanup operation.

3. **Cleaning:**
Upon your authorization, our team will begin the cleanup process, including smoke and soot removal, and the removal of charred structural components.

4. **Deodorization:**
Our fire restoration team will use specialized fire cleaning chemicals and ozone treatments to neutralize odors.

5. **Restoration:**
Any personal items needing cleaning will be inventoried, packed out, and taken to our warehouse for professional cleaning and deodorization before being returned to you.

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