What to Do and What Not to Do After a Home Fire

**What to Do and What Not to Do After a Home Fire**

So that you make no mistakes after your home has been damaged by fire, Prime Disaster Pro is providing this list of what to do and what not to do after a home fire. Experiencing a fire in your home can unsettle anybody. It’s a very frightening and devastating event. It’s absolutely imperative that you do certain things and not do others immediately after a fire. This will not only protect you and your family, but these actions will also safeguard your home.

**Things To Do After A Home Fire**
Let’s start by listing several actions that you should undertake as soon as possible once the fire is out:

1. **Consult With the Firefighters:**
First and foremost, consult with your fire department before you reenter your home. It doesn’t matter if your home looks safe to enter. The only thing you can trust is their direct words. Until they give you explicit permission, simply stand back and watch them do their work.

2. **Contact Relevant Parties:**
– **Family Members:** Notify your family members and close friends about what occurred.
– **Insurance Company:** Contact your insurance company and start the claim’s process right away. Keep copies of every receipt for insurance purposes, including any housing and food costs accumulated while you are out of your home.
– **Landlord:** If you are renting, contact the homeowner or landlord. If you have renters insurance, notify them concerning your personal possessions.
– **American Red Cross:** Consider reaching out to the American Red Cross, as they provide services to victims of a house fire.

3. **Get A Fire Report:**
Obtain a copy of the official “fire report” for insurance purposes, covering all aspects of the fire, including its intensity, the damage it caused, and the time it took to extinguish it.

4. **Contact Prime Disaster Pro for Emergency Board Up:**
Secure your property by boarding up non-functional doors and broken windows. This should be done regardless of the amount of damage done to your home, preserving evidence and undamaged possessions.

5. **Plan the Cleanup Process:**
Consult with Prime Disaster Pro’s fire and smoke removal professionals for the cleanup process, considering various aspects of damage like soot, smoke, fire, water, and extinguished residue. Time is crucial; the longer you wait, the worse the damage can get.

**Things To NOT Do After A Home Fire**
While this is a smaller list, it is equally important:

1. **Don’t rush into cleaning up:**
Using improper cleaning techniques can make the damage worse.

2. **Avoid Certain Food/Beverages:**
– Avoid eating any canned, packaged, or previously opened food or beverage items that were inside during the fire, as the heat may have activated harmful bacteria. It’s best to throw them away.

3. **Do Not Restore Electrical Service:**
– If it has been disconnected, do not restore electrical service until your home’s wiring can be checked out. Turning the power back on could restart the fire.

Responding appropriately after a home fire can make a significant difference in minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of all occupants. For immediate assistance and guidance, contact us at [Prime Disaster Pro](http://primedisasterpro.com/).

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**Muhammad Junaid** 🚀

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